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To Robert Redford and the Sundance Institute, Thank you for your support!

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To Lucia Micarelli, Thank you for your support!

Guest editorial: Performer says Park City Institute needs community’s support

Dear Editor:

My name is Lucia Micarelli, and I’m a concert violinist. I have had the great privilege of performing in Park City four times in the last few years, thanks to Teri Orr, the Executive Director of the Park City Institute. Back in 2015, she invited me to headline a show at the Eccles Center, an opportunity that completely changed my career, and my life. I had often dreamed of creating my own show, something that took all the disparate elements of my career and musical education (Juilliard; touring with Josh Groban, Chris Botti, Jethro Tull and Barbra Streisand; acting on the HBO series “Treme”; recording film and television scores) and combining them into a deeply personal journey through classical, americana, folk, jazz and contemporary music. Teri, with her vision and foresight, came into my life like an angel, not only offering me my first solo show but believing in my ability and imagination in a way no one had before. And after playing that show at the Eccles Center, I was invited to play more solo shows at venues across the country, then asked to record a live PBS Special, then, this past fall, embarked on a full-on North American tour. Without Teri - without that one person who saw a spark and encouraged it - none of this would have ever happened.


I believe that the arts work this way. A spark becomes a flame, that flame becomes a fire, and that fire then warms a whole community. Every time I’ve been to Park City I’ve been blown away by the people - how curious and intelligent and open-minded they are, how this mixture of small-town and cosmopolitan come together to form a community that is vibrant and cultured, independent thinking, and strong in their values. I think that the arts play a vital role in this. It has been well-documented that exposure to the arts improve individual well-being, bring communities together, improve academic performance in children, strengthen the economy, inspire creativity and innovation, and have great positive social impact. The influence of the arts and humanities on Park City is evident in its residents, and should be celebrated and held up as a bar for other cities to match. And the Park City Institute, with Teri Orr at the helm, has played a huge part in bringing dance, theater, music, visual art and important conversations about social and cultural issues to your beautiful community for over 20 years.


The Park City Institute is now in a financial crisis, and they need your help. What do you envision for your city, for your children? Can you be the spark that helps to create the fire that will keep your community - and its spirit - warm?


-       Lucia Micarelli


Originally published in The Park Record

December 22, 2018


Letters: The Park City Institute is a cultural treasure worth saving

Save a cultural treasure

Early in my career as an independent performing artist, I was fortunate enough to be booked by Teri Orr at the Park City Institute. The Institute took a chance on me; I was relatively unknown and performing challenging material: a bilingual song cycle called "Mestiza," which sought to explore the shared experience of those with mixed blood navigating an often confusing path through conflicting cultures. The week of the concert I was given the unforgettable opportunity to perform outreach activities at local schools — discussing with young people the importance of including art and music in their lives and sharing my passion for the beauty of the Spanish language.

This was nearly 20 years ago and throughout the ensuing years, Teri and the Institute have never waned in their deep commitment to music, art, culture and social justice; offering world-class programming often without charge to thousands of children in underserved communities. Many have had their lives enriched forever after experiencing the transformative power of the arts for the very first time.

I was saddened to learn today that the future of the Institute is now in peril. I am writing to let you know that although I live far from Park City I will pledge to donate what I can to support The Park City Institute.

You can too: by purchasing tickets, making a donation in any amount, underwriting a performance or simply spreading the word among neighbors that there is still time to save this unique cultural treasure.

I can't think of a better Christmas gift for us to give each other. To donate, go to http://www.parkcityinstitute.org/donate.

Perla Batalla
Ojai, California

Originally published in The Park Record


New lease on life


The Park City Institute is big part of what makes Park City an oasis of culture and the arts. Not just global efforts like TED and TEDx events, but the incredible arts/entertainment, culture, news and information it brings in year in and year out.

It's become a pillar of life in Park City and is part of what makes life here so amazing. It would be a crying shame to turn back the clock at a time when we need it more than in any recent decade. It's up to us as full and part-time residents to support the Institute and endow it with funding that would allow it not just to survive, but thrive.

It will only take a few hundred of us, $1,000 each, to give the Institute a new lease on life. The loss of the Deer Valley venue seems to have had a massive impact. It's extraordinary that Teri and her incredible dedicated staff have been able to pivot to the park and build a venue where none existed. This year's talent exceeded my wildest expectations.

Let's get it together and make it happen.

Jack Abbott
Park City

Originally published in The Park Record